Philippi - Elbharmone salt & pepper

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Philippi - Elbharmone salt & pepper



The Designer Steve McGugan tells us the following about the salt and pepper shakers ELBHARMONIE: “Whenever I stop in from Copenhagen and visit Hamburg, the world’s gateway, I’m fascinated by the development taking place on the philharmonie’s construction site at the Elbe river. I find the design simply beautiful and quite poetic. That’s when the idea hit me to create a product as a tribute to this wonderful example of architecture, that also reminds one of everyday life. PHILIPPI reacted enthusiastically to my salt and pepper shakers called ELBHARMONIE. The shakers themselves, observed individually, remind one of modern sculpture - arrange them together on their tray and they suddenly create a miniature excitingly similar to the Elbphilharmonie with its wavy roof top.

9 (h) cm