Philippi - Outback bowl flat

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Philippi - Outback bowl flat


Designer Bowl

What makes OUTBACK different from all other bowls is its extraordinary, natural look that presents its
irregular, organic structures on the surface. It appears to be carved into the wood, its basic shape is
deliberately irregular. The look is reminiscent of the venturesome charm of Africa’s wildness. Such
wonderful trays and containers can also be found in the luxurious lodges and accommodations during
safaris. In fact, the elaborately hand-finished bowls are made of aluminum, which was then powdercoated
in a not less elaborate process. Its matt-black finish establishes a wonderful contrast to the
luminescent colors of the fruits. It is also conceivable that it’s used for storing fresh vegetables in the
kitchen or wonderfully fragrant rolls, croissants and pastries at the set breakfast table. In the entrance
area, it takes care of keys and accessories. Who would have thought how beautiful aluminum can be.