Philippi - Sphere ball wardrobe

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Philippi - Sphere ball wardrobe


MY PERSONAL DEPOT! Coat rack hooks per se are very practical, however, seldom are they really attractive. SPHERE is completely different! This coat rack bowl combines practicality and design, as it resembles a wall-mounted piece of art. Once mounted, SPHERE offers space for practically anything you carry with you, and which you’d like to store in a specific place. Personal items find room in the high-polished spherical bowl: car keys, wallets, headphones or gloves; whereas a bag, scarfs, jackets or even the dog’s leash can be hung over your personal depot. Consider mounting several coat rack bowls next to each other: not only will you be amazed about the storage room gained, but looking at your new piece of art will astonish you!

Material: Aluminum, high-polished